We Are The Details feat. Puerto Rico Distillery | EP 2

A collective effort. A collective vision. These words make up part of a Details Matter slogan that celebrates connectivity and tenacity. With this in mind, we are very much looking forward to re-introducing the We Are The Details series in order to speak about our extended community. This collection of short profile pieces highlights individuals, groups and companies that embody the Details Matter philosophy. These tastemakers share the common values of culture, family, creativity, intentionality, and a great attention to detail.

The first episode includes a visit to Puerto Rico Distillery, a father-daughter family business in Frederick, Maryland that specializes in sugarcane moonshine rum, or as it is known on the island of Puerto Rico, pitorro. The owners, Angel Rivera and Crystal Rivera, ensure that each bottle is meticulously pieced together and that their products consistently highlight Puerto Rican culture. We hope you all enjoy viewing their space and team dynamic. We Are The Details.          

Written by: Sammy Cuevas
Directed by: Evan Sevilla
Executive Produced by: Sammy Cuevas

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