We Are The Details feat. Panoteca San Miguel | EP 3

A region’s culture is comprised of many factors that make it unique. Food is often one of those elements that showcases a community’s personality and distinctive history. This is evident in Puerto Rico, where an item such as bread can generate a sense of pride and serve as a conduit for connecting with others. In the latest episode of the We Are The Details series, we profile Diego San Miguel, the owner of the bakery, Panoteca San Miguel. A space that is dedicated to amplifying the island’s rich tradition by introducing a vast array of breads to the public.

As the creator of Pantocea San Miguel, Diego describes the bakery’s mission of producing and making available, high-quality ingredients, food, coffee and wine. As he describes in the episode, he aims for the bakery to not only be a symbol of Puerto Rican cuisine, but to also function as an encyclopedia of different styles of bread. The location itself has a clean and natural aesthetic, which provides a warm and welcoming environment. Meanwhile, it’s spacious and light-filled workspace allows for the energy required to create a harmonious team dynamic. The pleasant aroma of bread baking is only matched by Diego’s enthusiasm and light-hearted energy. These characteristics undoubtedly contribute to the spaces’ personality and are ultimately, the details that create great tasting food and a beautiful environment. We Are The Details.

Written by: Sammy Cuevas
Filmed by: Francisco Pizarro and Dany Misa
Edited by: Francisco Pizarro

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