Dreams never lay dormant in the minds of those who are passionate. They are meticulously engineered and executed with precision. This philosophy, is one that guides the design practice, Details Matter.

Through clothing, gatherings, and community initiatives, Details Matter communicates a narrative that highlights the importance of every detail. An ideology that emphasizes thoughtful application while placing  value on individuality and connectivity. Details Matter functions on the principle that the culmination of smaller achievements is the determining factor for larger accomplishments.   

Constantly inspired by their homeland of Puerto Rico, Details Matter implements subtle features of the island’s vast natural and cultural elements within the projects that are produced. This consistent influence from the island serves as a motivation to ensure that 50% or more of the manufacturing process is completed in Puerto Rico. Aside from the designs being created on the island, this approach also allows for the collaboration with local printshops, artists, pattern-makers and other creatives; resulting in the continued exploration of community building and local influence.

A collective effort. A collective vision. Our dreams can be fulfilled, one detail at a time. WE ARE THE DETAILS.