Diadora x Details Matter: The Traveler

Design your destination. This phrase and concept are at the core of the Diadora x Details Matter N9002 sneaker. The Traveler, as it is called, represents the journey towards our dreams. Whether you have desires to visit a beautiful country, achieve a professional goal, or create stronger connections; this runner was designed to provide support along the way.

To thoughtfully communicate the idea of The Traveler, the Details Matter team chose to showcase the brand’s homeland of Puerto Rico while providing a visual and auditory narrative of what this collaboration represents. In this video, we follow the Founder of the company, Redd Carreras, on an expedition throughout various parts of the island in order to reflect on the brand’s values and connect with Brandon Rodriguez and Sammy Cuevas, the additional members of Details Matter team. The diverse terrain highlighted in the video speaks to the multiple materials that make up this N9002. Meanwhile, the forest and beach backdrops were the inspiration for the nubuck and tan-colored outline that decorate the Diadora logo. Ultimately, this cinematic production was intended to convey the elements of the sneaker while simultaneously encouraging everyone to take a leap of faith. We are the dreamers. We are the Travelers. We are the DETAILS.

The Diadora x Details Matter N9002 is available at select Foot Locker locations and footlocker.com.

Produced by: Details Matter
Director: Brandon Rodriguez
DP: Evan Moreno
Producers: Sammy Cuevas, Redd Carreras and Brandon Rodriguez
Written by: Redd Carreras and Sammy Cuevas
1st AC: Jovanny González
Gaffer: José Quesada Rodriguez
Editor: Aurelio Rodriguez
Colorist: Evan Moreno
Sound Engineer: Dany Misa and Gadiel Bermudez

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