Details Matter x Puerto Rico Distillery

Several months ago, Details Matter and Puerto Rico Distillery connected for the filming of the We Are The Details series; profile videos that highlight individuals and groups who pay close attention to details. During the shoot, it quickly became apparent that both parties shared many common values. Family, connectivity, culture and an appreciation for quality; principles that both groups consistently communicate. The result, CLANDESTINO Honey Mango pitorro. This flavored rum celebrates the Puerto Rican heritage of both Puerto Rico Distillery and Details Matter, while gracefully highlighting its tropical ingredients.    

CLANDESTINO Honey Mango is now available for sale in Maryland, Washington, D.C. and Virginia. Visit to order your bottle and to learn more. ¡Salud!

Written by: Sammy Cuevas
Filmed by: Evan Sevilla
Edited by: Evan Sevilla

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