Murals in Santurce and Miami

Murals in Santurce and Miami

There's always something new to see in Santurce and Miami Street Art. The walls of warehouses, restaurants, and even bridges in the city are covered in murals by international artists and local legends. Wynwood, Brickell, Downtown, Little Havana, and the Design District are some of Miami's leading cultural centers where you can find some of the best street art. Take a walk through the hidden spots all over Santurce and Miami.



Calle Loiza Mural

Calle Loíza, known as Calle de Amor (Love Street), has become one of the most popular streets for mural artists. It is full of life and color with different styles ranging from abstract to graffiti. Every year new murals are painted over older ones, creating a constant change in the street



Calle Cerra Mural

Santurce's graffiti corner is located on Calle Cerra between Loíza and Monserrate. It is the perfect spot to experience local street-art culture. You can find different murals painted by well-known artists like Veng (), Chamo, Cesar Trino, Entes & Maki, among others



Wywood Mural

A former warehouse district, this neighborhood north of Downtown became a unique destination for international graffiti and street art artists in the early 2000s. In total, more than 50 mural artists representing 16 countries have painted murals on the Wynwood Walls. Visit the Walls every second Saturday during Art Walk. See gallery exhibits, listen to street musicians, and enjoy street food in this hip neighborhood. There is no charge for visiting the Wynwood Walls.



Downtown Miami Mural

Downtown has some hidden gems when it comes to street art if you know where to look. A sweeping view of Downtown was painted at 1334 N Miami Ave by the German artist duo Herakut. The beautiful mural was painted during Art Basel 2012 and is the eighth in their giant storybook project. In the Overtown neighborhood, north of Downtown, is a mural painted by the famed artist Purvis Young. Their works are displayed in over 60 museums, including the Smithsonian and the High Museum of Art in Atlanta. On the walls of Gibson Park's Culmer Library, you can find his Everyday Life mural.



Little Haiti Wall Mural

Little Haiti is home to gallery and indie record stores, as well as colorful street murals. 5865 NE Second Ave. is where you can see the 'Welcome to Little Haiti' sign. This mural illustrates important figures in Haitian culture to celebrate local pride. The iconic graffiti eyes of Ahol Sniffs Glue can be found at the beloved Sweat Records. VH1's Tough Love and Art Basel have both featured the collection.

Street Art Murals in Puerto Rico And Miami Are Plentiful 

It's no secret that Santurce and Miami are home to plenty of Instagram-able street art. South Florida has produced many talented artists, from locals to internationals.

There are many great pieces that you can find on your own. A comfortable pair of shoes and your smartphone is all you need. Find Miami's best murals by searching for hashtags like #MiamiStreetArt or #MiamiMurals. Instagram is a great place to get ideas on the best filters, angles, and captions for street art photos.

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