Lu Fidalgo

The lens in which an artist chooses to view their surroundings has a tremendous impact on their work, which ultimately, helps shape the message delivered to their audience. Such is the case with the artist, Lu Fidalgo. An open-hearted individual with a critical eye, Lu approaches his work with a humorous facade, while interweaving messages of culture, relationships, and social issues. Elements of his Puerto Rican heritage are meticulously placed within his artwork, further strengthening his values while highlighting the voices of overlooked communities. Lu has created various works of art acrosss the island of Puerto Rico. These works include murals within the city of Santurce, which have since become focal pieces of the vibrant neighborhood and have also helped fuel the creative influx of the community. Additionally, Lu has partnered with many businesses and organizations in order to provide creative direction and was also featured in Neon 16’s Miami Art Basel event in 2019.

Lu's work continues to span across mediums, a testament to his unique perspective and great attention to detail. Whether it be through murals, creative direction, or any other artistic project, Lu Fidalgo approaches each piece with authenticity and originality. Constantly evolving, his work weaves together various messages while simultaneously presenting lively works of art.   

Written by: Sammy Cuevas
Photography by: Jorge Peka
Artwork by: Lu Fidalgo

Lu Fidalgo Portrait for Details Matter We Are The Details Lu Fidalgo Art Piece Lu Fidalgo Portrait with paint for Details Matter We Are The Details

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